Edifice Clothing is a creative street wear brand. We are a group of artists who produce limited edition items, original art, and really cool products. We produce high quality art, screen print T shirts and embroider hats.  We also carry other brands and accessories we think are cool!

Our goal is to nurture the foundation of the artistic spirit and make the world a beautiful place through art and design.

Our Story starts out in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 2004 We opened up a art gallery in the heart of our city. We worked with artists all over the state and beyond. After working with the arts community for over a decade we decided to close our brick and mortar location and offer our goods and services to the world!

Still rocking from the heart of our city, and now working with artists from all over the globe. We can now offer our goods and services to the world. We love working with our artists local and abroad to produce limited edition runs for all of our fans and supporters!

Edifice is a collective of artists and art supporters, who believe through great design and creative thinking, ART can change the world.

We will always support the creative human spirit! Our team of creative artists will continue to make high quality art to last for generations to come.

Thank you to our supporters who rock with us, work with us, and share in our philosophy and culture. Together we will go further and carry the light into the future!

Thank you!

Contact inquiries: [email protected]
Stay True!