Infinity Hood Bamboo and Organic Cotton Eternal Scarf

Image of Infinity Hood Bamboo and Organic Cotton Eternal Scarf

Dark Navy blue Bamboo and organic cotton blend tubular fabric. Professionally screen printed with white ink sacred eternal geometry design. There are two identical prints, so if worn as a hood the design can be seen on both the right and left side. Client favorite!

can be worn countless ways, making it perfect for every climate and occasion. Wear it as a hood for shade and dust protection, or wrap it around your neck if you get chilly. Seeking refuge from the Playa’s sun and high temperatures? Dunk your scarf in your cooler and drape it over your head. This lightweight, super soft scarf is sure to keep you protected and looking fly on the dance floor.

Design Inspiration>>
Step through the doorway to another dimension. Drawing inspiration from Moroccan architecture and sacred geometry, our newest design reminds us that the impact of our creations is eternal, and echoes infinitely throughout time and space.

Product Details>>
-Designed and printed in Portland, OR, USA (just like every item in our shop!)
-One size fits all
-Printed with white ink on 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton
-Raw edges will curl when washed
-16" wide 28" tall

Care Instructions>>
Wash in a machine or by hand and hang dry to keep your scarf looking fresh.